The Heroes of FFXIV's Naming System: Meow'ya Kitten'me, Sandra Bullocks, and Others

Rereleased Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn faced the issue of duplicate character names with an innovative and simple solution: give each character a first and last name. While I personally haven’t found a forename/surname combination I like (Gliitchy McGlitcherson doesn’t sound too imposing), several FFXIV users have taken advantage of the system to come up with some seriously hilarious character names, which range from witty to just plain immature. The slideshow at the bottom of the page captures some of those creations in game.  It’s one thing to run into these guys early game, but some of those characters have some serious gear. How great would a late-game party with ‘Wrex Yurstuff’ be?

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[Source: Final Fantasy 14 Names]

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