Dark Souls II Copies Being Sold Early, Maybe You Can Get Yours

Piggybacking off of yesterday’s discovery of leaked copies of Titanfall and MGSV Ground Zeroes, it would appear that copies of Dark Souls II are being sold prematurely. This time, however, in the United States.
Reddit user T2000iceCOLD reports that a Wal-Mart in Georgia already has Dark Souls II on shelves and for sale.

Though this isn’t as large a leak as for MGSV Ground Zeroes, it would be wise to be wary of potential spoilers coming out sooner than expected.

It always amazes me that retailers put things out for sale early fairly regularly. Maybe they should put bigger signs on the boxes or something. Oh well, if you live in Georgia, may as well get out there. Who knows, maybe you can get your copy of Dark Souls II a few days before Tuesday’s release, maybe even before the weekend is over.

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