Zombie Studios' Daylight Gets Release Date, Spooky Twitch Functionality Revealed

Watching people play horror games via Twitch has become more and more popular in recent years, but Zombie Studios is looking to take that one step further. They are integrating a way for viewers to interact with the player’s game through the chat.

Daylight, the procedurally generated psychological thriller has been given a release date of April 8 for PS4 and PC, and will include a new and interesting Twitch functionality. Viewers can type specific text commands in the chat to trigger a corresponding sound in-game. My first thought is that this would be an absolute mess; if you’ve seen Twitch Plays Pokemon, then you know what I mean. But thankfully, the triggered sounds will be timed as to prevent spamming. This is a really cool idea, and I would like to see it being taken even further in the future, like triggering actual scares and visuals as opposed to just audio.

Daylight Sewer

Caution: Nearby TMNT

If some headphones and a dark room isn’t an immersive enough experience for you, Daylight will also support 3D monitors/TVs.


I’m getting a spooky Half-Life: Lost Coast vibe from this area.

Atlus has also revealed two new areas, the Prison and the Forest. Most of the game seems to take place in claustrophobic corridors and decrepit rooms, so the dynamic between that and the open forest is bound to be both a relief and another layer of stress, especially with the moon being your main source of light. The procedurally generated levels will keep you on your toes, with unpredictable scares that probably didn’t happen on your last playthrough.

Will you feel more or less safe out in the open?

Will you feel more or less safe out in the open?

Prepare to pee your pants this April.

Source: Playstation Blog

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