Yumi's Odd Odysee Might Be Out This Month? Fingers Crossed!

Natsume’s been teasing the imminent release of the English version of Umihara Kawase, to be released stateside as Yumi’s Odd Odysee, on the 3DS eShop early 2014.  After rumors that the game would be out in January, Natsume is noted to have said that the game will be out “this month.”

The game isn’t exactly dead in the water as Natsume is still putting out plenty of promotional material for the game and a trip to the company’s website has the quirky game has the first title to appear.

Yumi’s Odd Odysee is a sequel in a long running series of games wherein levels are traversed by swinging around on a fishing rod Bionic Commando style and beating up fish with legs.  Yeah, you heard me.  The second this comes out on the eShop, I plan to pick it up ASAP.  And if this games looks interesting you at all, I would highly suggest picking it up too just to make sure somebody in this country knows we like games like this.

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