Pick Double Fine's Next Amnesia Fortnight Games, Now With Pen Ward!

When Double Fine completes a major game cycle, they go into what they call “Amnesia Fortnight.”  This is a game jam of sorts where teams of developers group off for two weeks and develop games based on whatever ideas they want.  Previous Fortnights have given us Costume Quest, Stacking, and Spacebase DF-9.

Now, the Amnesia Fortnight is back with a special Humble Bundle deal where donors get to get in from the very start and select which three games from the pantheon of dozens of games, including a dim sum dining sim, a heroic horse epoch, and of course, BAD GOLF 2.

In addition, one extra will be made, headed up by creator of Adventure Time, Pendleton Ward.  He’s got four crazy pitches and players will get to pick which one they want to see come true.

Go ahead and donate to the Humble Bundle and the winners will be unveiled on February 10th.  Oh, also there’s a sweet Double Fine Humble Bundle going on right now in case you’ve never played anything they’ve ever made.  Fix that.  Immediately.

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