First Peek at New 'Sonic Boom' Designs [UPDATE: Now With a Trailer]

Remember last Fall, right when I first started writing for Twinfinite, when I posted a picture of the silhouettes of a bunch of new designs for the new Sonic cartoon, Sonic Boom?  Well, apparently, Sega is a hosting a “Year of Sonic” (TOO SOON, GUYS) event in New York today where the public is getting its first look at the new characters and plans for the Sonic brand.  And… um… well, this is Sonic and Knuckles at least.


Admittedly, it’ll take me a bit to get used to Knuckles being so… big and muscle-y.  And also, Sonic’s arms are solid blue now.  Woah, what’s going on here?  Apparently this is the new image in store for Sonic and friends for both the cartoon and future Sonic games.  Well this is certainly… interesting.  I guess.

UPDATE: You can watch a trailer for the new game here– sorry it’s in French at the moment.

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