Win Real Money, a Real Dog Club, and More in Rohrer’s Castle Doctrine Contest

Jason Rorher’s latest game, The Castle Doctrine, is all about stealing stuff and keeping your stuff from being stolen.  The game has players create a home furnished with expensive things and attempt to protect with security measures from other players who try to break in while they’re gone (to be used to furnish the own homes, of course).  The game has just wrapped up its Alpha testing, and Rorher has decided to celebrate with a gamewide contest.

On January 27th, the value of all the objects in game that players amass will be converted to real dollars ($334 in game equals $1 USD).  The players with the highest gross will take home additional prizes as well including a dog club that actually inspired the premise of the game and $50 gift certificates to a New Mexico gun store (don’t worry liberals, that’s not enough to buy a gun).

All the details about how to get involved are listed on the official site for The Castle Doctrine.  Rorher is being pretty honest and straightforward about this, so those involved, steal fairly and with honor!

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