I Changed My Mind About Tomb Raider 2, It’s Alright – SplitScreen

I was a bit rough on Tomb Raider 2 for the PC on the previous episode of SplitScreen. I should point out that while it’s fair to say that although the maneuvering aspects of the game haven’t aged well, the rest holds up. I found Lara’s insane acrobatics to be very satisfying once I got the hang of them.

On this episode, Henry and I explore (maybe even raid) tombs filled with dangerous tigers, spiders, and traps. Very few of these prove lethal because we’re the best Tomb Raider 2 players in the whole world, possibly the whole universe. That won’t stop us from occasionally screaming and running for our lives, though. Find out what all of the fuss is about on episode 2 of Tomb Raider 2 – SplitScreen!

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