There’s A Gaming Section Of The Whisper App And It’s Depressing

For those of you who aren’t familiar with what the Whisper app is, it’s pretty much a confession app that lets you anonymously share secrets with other users of the app. According to the company behind Whisper, it gets over 3 billion pageviews per month and seventy percent of its users are female with ninety percent of those users are between 18-24. Whisper divides up the posts by category and, sadly, the Gaming section is packed with posts from wives, girlfriends, and significant others complaining about the gamer in their lives spending too much time on their hobby. I can go on gaming binges that stretch for days but I can’t take it to the level that these people are. Moral of the story: Regardless of your gender, give your loved one(s) the proper amount of time and respect or they’ll talk shit about you on the internet.


Maybe you’re just not as fun to play with dude.

Then why don’t you get help?

Wow, your husband sounds like a jerk.

That’s just wrong. You GOTTA take care of them chirrens!

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