Telltale Releases Key Art for The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 “Smoke and Mirrors”

While certainly not much, fans of The Wolf Among Us have a little bit of a hint of flavoring to keep themselves salivating until episode 2 of Telltale’s new graphic adventure game is released.

The piece features Bigby Wolf in all his rage. Nevertheless, it does remind us of the name of the new, second episode, “Smoke and Mirrors.” Mysterious. Maybe.

All the same, The Wolf Among us seems to be shaping up to be everything fans expected out of Telltale after The Walking Dead (except maybe not a three month delay in episode release).

No matter, as fans can expect episode 2, “Smoke and Mirrors” of The Wolf Among Us during the first week of February.

Check out the key art below!

The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Smoke and Mirrors

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