Square Enix Partners with Amazon for Exclusive Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII DLC

Beginning today, those who pre-order Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII on Amazon will be receiving a free DLC pack painted with a hint of Final Fantasy X.

More specifically, those who pre-order with Amazon will receive (for free) the “Spira’s Summoner” DLC, which allows players to equip Lightning with Yuna’s well-recognized, iconic outfit, staff, and victory pose from Final Fantasy X. This content will allow for a merging of two of Final Fantasy‘s most memorable leading ladies.



Whether this applies to existing Amazon pre-orders has not been specifically detailed just yet, but knowing Amazon, those who have already pre-ordered Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII with them will also receive the DLC.

As of now the “Spira’s Summoner” DLC will be a timed exclusive, so only available via Amazon pre-order for now, though it will eventually be available for other customers to purchase on an unannounced date.

Aside: with the release of the demo on PS3 and Xbox 360 today, we’ve had a chance to take a look at the game and form some impressions. Come see what we think, here!

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be available on both Xbox 360 and PS3 on February 11th, 2014.

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