Senran Kagura Burst Gets a Heaving Physical Release in EU

Senran Kagura Burst on the 3DS already has a lot going for it with its titillating themes and characters, but the game is coming out in Europe very soon, getting a physical release instead of the digital eShop release.  But unlike the Japanese box art which is admittedly rather reserved, the European release is taking a much more… direct approach to its packaging.

Senran KaguraYou can’t say they don’t know how to sell a game… right?  The folks at Marvelous certainly have decided to… go hard or go home with the Senran Kagura franchise, even managing to get one of the trailers for one of the upcoming new games in the series pulled from YouTube for content issues.  Yeah, think about that for a second.

The 3DS game comes out in Europe on Februrary 28th and is already available in the US via the eShop.

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