Players Go for Speed Running World Record in GoldenEye at AGDQ 2014

Ryan White (RWhiteGoose) and Alex Anderson (AlexWAnderson) of the speedrunning community over at went for a new world record for co-op in GoldenEye 007 at this year’s Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ).

The team spent a week practicing their method of tackling the 2-Player challenge. The co-op scheme has one player manning the C-buttons to navigate, while the other manages pitch, the trigger, A, and B-buttons. Prior to the event, they allegedly ran sub-25:00. I guess that’s alright…


The run is insanely entertaining for anyone interested in speedruns or GoldenEye in general. It was also for a good cause with this year’s event raising funds for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Check it out and enjoy already!

Via: Kotaku
Source: YouTube


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