Creators of Left 4 Dead Have Revealed Their Next Game, Evolve

Turtle Rock Studios, the masterminds behind Left 4 Dead, have teamed up with publisher 2K Games to bring a new IP to next-gen consoles and PC. Their next game, Evolve, is somewhat reminiscent of L4D with its 4-player co-op element, but this time there will be a fifth player in the ring.

This four-versus-one Hunt mode has four hunters with varying abilities, facing off against a player controlled monster/alien/scary thing that gets progressively stronger each match. It is being developed with variety and replayability in mind, which again is a lot like L4D. Turtle Rock Studios have a ton of experience in this mixture of co-op and competitive multiplayer, and I couldn’t be more excited to get more details on this game in the coming months.

Evolve will make use of Crytek’s proprietary engine, CRYENGINE. The game is currently in development for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, set for release this fall.

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