Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars Release Date!

JRPG fans, rejoice! Those who have taken to pre-ordering the latest title localized by Atlus Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars may have noticed that a released date has been posted!

Atlus’ product page links directly to various sites in North America (Newegg link not available), and every Amazon, Gamestop, and EBGames link (yes, the brand still exists) lists the release date as April 15, 2014 (Tuesday).

conception children of the seven stars

Children of the Seven Stars is a JRPG/dating-sim-esque game from Atlus. Though its prequel was never and will not be released in English, Conception II stands along as its own title. The game tells the story of a protagonist training to be a Disciple – one gifted with the power of the gods. As Disciples, warriors capable of fighting the monsters of the world, are in short supply, they must create “Star Children” to fight in battle.

With any luck, the advent of Spring will bring with it the fruits of love!

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