The Witch and the Hundred Knight Has Release Date, Soundtrack Artwork

The strategy RPG from NIS, The Witch and the Hundred Knight looks to be NIS’ most original and interesting title in some time and with many eager to play the game, NIS announced a firm release date today.

The Witch and the Hundred Knight western publisher NIS America finally has announced that the game will be available  March 25th in North America and few days earlier of March 21st in Europe. The game will also be available both in a physical retail copy as well as digital download on the PSN. Lastly, released today is the official artwork for the OST that will be packaged in with the title, which also looks amazing.

Weeks ago there was even a poll to determine which alternate cover would be available to consumers and both of them look pretty fantastic in my opinion (even though my personal favorite didn’t win).

So we’re inching closer to the release of the game and hopefully we’ll get even more looks into this wonderfully unique title.

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