The PSP Still Alive in 2014, New Game Teased by Gaijinworks

Gaijinworks helped bring Class of Heroes 2 this year to the PSP (Vita compatible) and it looks as if they will be teasing a new game from the PSP’s overlooked library.

They tweeted that there will be a tease for their upcoming game in the premier issue of RETRO Mag. If you recall, Class of Heroes 2 is a PSP Dungeon-Crawling RPG from Acquire, and the game is confirmed not to be Class of Heroes 3 and hinted to be from a new studio that’s not Acquire (The studio behind CoH2).

Either way, it’s good to know that we’ll be seeing some more games for a system, that if anything, still attracts specialized and niche titles. Also it could always use more games.

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