New trailer for Dying Light shows off zombie parkour

Techland just cannot stay away from zombies, huh? The minute they’re done with Dead Island, it’s on to another open-world zombie title for them, this time with a much more traversable landscape and mildly better voice acting. It might still have plenty of dull first person action tropes, but what’s truly impressive is the number of on-screen enemies, and the variety of routes the player is able to take in carrying out the objectives. Traps, a variety of weapons, and was that a fucking dropkick?

In this trailer, the protagonist is sent out on a fairly run of the mill errand, but with one stipulation: the sun’s going down, and that’s no good when the city’s crawling with deadheads who turn utterly feral at night. Watch a simple mission go awry and turn into a free-running gorefest.

Dying Light is set to hit Xbox 360/One, Playstation 3/4 and PC in 2014.

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