NBA Live 14 Gets First Patch, but it’s Not for Anything You’ll Care About

The monstrosity that is NBA Live 14 has been well documented, sitting at a bright red forty-three on Metacritic. Some, like myself, would say that game is irreparable, not EA, though. Early this morning, Sean O’Brien, Executive Producer of NBA Live 14, took to EA Sports official blog to layout what the first patch included.

He states that this update would be fixing some things underneath the hood of NBA Live 14. Starting with their LIVE update system, which would allow them to more readily deliver tangible content later down the line. In addition to the LIVE update system patch, a fix for timing release on jump shots, a BIG Moments crowd fix, and lastly, a fix to make online play more enjoyable were added in with the patch.

EA has been under some real heat for shipping two games that are essentially broken, and our Battlefield 4 review reflects my dissatisfaction with that game. Hopefully, this NBA Live 14 patch makes someone happy, but if all else fails, NBA 2K14 is damn good.

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