Minecraft PS3 Release Date Announced and It’s Sooner Than You’d Think

Last time we heard about a PS3 release of Minecraft a month ago, we were teased with the news that it was ‘almost ready for testing’. Now, little over a month later, we’re finally hearing about a release date: tomorrow. Surprise! Minecraft is now scheduled to hit PSN on December 17th. The PS3 release will be the same game as its Xbox 360 cousin, featuring controls and menus streamlined for the console experience.

If you’re holding out for a release on another Sony console, you’ve still got some time to wait. Mojang has always said that the PS4 and Vita releases will follow after the PS3 launch. Today’s announcement didn’t give us any dates for those releases, but did say that both the PS4 and PS Vita editions are being developed and can probably be expected sometime next year.

[Source: Playstation Blog]

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