Green Man Gaming’s Playfire Tracking Service Now Xbox One Compatible

Love to obsess over how many hours you’ve spent and how many achievements you’ve earned in a game? Don’t be ashamed, there are worse addictions out there. Playfire (owned by PC digital games store Green Man Gaming) has so far been a popular tracking service for video games and has been a healthy competitor to sites like Raptr, but it is now ready to take the next step towards the future by tracking games played on the Xbox One. Visiting their site at and downloading their client will get you started immediately – although they do warn that the software is currently in its beta stage and is still being worked on.

Playfire is planned to be tracking Playstation 4 games in the near future, but there are some kinks to be ironed out first as they move to a new tracking engine, which may be some time. For more information, check the blog post by the developers here.

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