GameStop’s Fun and Cheap Steal of the Week, Guest Starring Batman and Superman

Every week GameStop’s points-rewards branch, PowerUp Rewards, posts a new “Steal of the Week” where they offer an item(s) for a points value that is generally noticeably smaller than what the same item(s) usually goes for. This week, they posted two simple items, but they’re items that I think just about everyone can enjoy. 

Everybody likes t-shirts, right? Right? Right. And if there’s one thing members of nerd-doms love it’s tacking their favorite games, shows, movies, symbols, etc. onto a t-shirt. Well this week, GameStop is offering your choice of either a token Batman t-shirt or a token Superman t-shirt. You’ve all likely seen them before but may not necessarily own them. You can redeem just 6000 rewards points for either of the two shirts (you can probably buy the other one if you’re so inclined). With the holidays rapidly approaching and people begin to scramble for gifts to give away, I can imagine either of these two shirts would make a good, and cheap gift to most people who are even remotely affiliated with nerd culture (or who have hopped on to the bandwagon formed by DC’s growing film presence).

GameStop PowerUp Rewards Steal of the Week Batman Superman Shirts

You can log-in (or register) to your PowerUp Rewards account to order your shirt right here.

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