Check Out Elize the Vampiress’ Fighting Style in Tekken Revolution

Little over a month ago, images and information on the latest character to join the Tekken roster emerged. Only now has the official Japanese Tekken YouTube Channel unveiled footage of the vampiress, now named Elize, in action. She’s a pale beauty who has a habit of falling asleep it seems, although it’s unknown whether or not this will actually be in the gameplay as a drawback to using her. Although what is shown of her moveset is very interesting.

At a glance, it looks like she handles similarly Alisa, the pink-haired android badass introduced in Tekken 6, my personal favorite. In the video, she is shown using one particular launch move repeatedly, which will probably be an important move to segue into many of her combos. Luckily, it doesn’t seem overpowered, especially as it can be blocked fairly easily, so long as you’ve got the skill to outwit your opponent and land one when they least expect it, as is always the case in Tekken or any fighting game.

At least she got access to some great makeup while she was locked away.

At least she got access to some great makeup while she was locked away.

Since Tekken Tag Tournament 2, the characters have spoken in their native tongue, such as Christie and Eddie speaking Portuguese and Lili speaking French. Of course, there have been some exceptions, like Alisa, a Russion android, speaking Japanese. In the same vein, Eliza will be speaking English, with something of a traditional “Transylvanian” accent, akin to most incarnations of the iconic Count Dracula. It’s silly, it’s fun, and I love it.

Apart from some awesome grab moves with her sucking the blood of her enemy, one combo of hers that is demonstrated concludes with her falling asleep right there, standing up. As with most taunts in Tekken, she can likely just phase out of it quickly and get back into the action, but there’s a possibility that they left that to make her momentarily vulnerable. She is quick as hell, so I would assume there’d be some other cons to using her. Still, she’s swift, looks powerful, and is teeming with style. I personally can’t wait to test her out; I might just have a new main character (Nah, I could never replace Alisa). She will be making her debut on December 19th in Tekken Revolution for the PlayStation 3.

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