It’s Time to Watch More Cat Videos with YouTube on Your Nintendo 3DS

Sure, the internet is an ever-expanding universe in its own of seemingly infinite knowledge of the world and everything beyond it, but there are better things to use the internet for… like videos of cats. Nintendo 3DS owners won’t have to worry anymore about not being able to watch cat videos on their 3DS with the latest inclusion of YouTube to the 3DS application library.

The application is totally free to download and works pretty well. Video loading and searches run fairly quickly, except the video quality is relatively low, even when it’s set to HQ. If you don’t have a smartphone, this ought to serve as a nice little substitute for some mobile video watching, but don’t expect videos of a similar quality. It’s a bit of a shame, since the 3DS internet browser is actually surprising awesome and YouTube on the Wii U is also badass. Although the download is a measly 118 blocks, it’s just the app itself with a poor streaming quality right now, since the 3DS screen can show high quality video and can access the internet quickly as well. If you’re looking for performance from YouTube for the 3DS, you can probably expect some patches in the near future.

Nevertheless, the YouTube works all right, it’s free, and will take up hardly any space on your 3DS storage or SD card. You can download it now on the 3DS eShop in the Applications section and start wasting the day away watching cats on yet another mobile device. Admit it, that sounds like an awesome afternoon.

Scissor Sisters videos are also a choice option, of course.

Scissor Sisters videos are also a choice option, of course.

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