StoryBundle Brings Pay-What-You-Like to Gaming History and Culture

StoryBundle (http://storybundle.com/) is offering a pay-what-you-like deal on nine books/magazines related to gaming history and culture; there’s some fiction, some examinations, and some general culture-examination included in the Video Game Bundle 2.0, with six of the titles being available for any price, and three additional offered for those paying $10 or more for the package.

Much like similar gaming bundles that have been skyrocketing in popularity of late, StoryBundle supports independent creators, allowing community members to contribute where it can make a difference. To sweeten the deal, StoryBundle is offering an additional treat, courtesy of  author and academic Ian Bogost: a downloadable version of his IGF Nuovo Award-nominated game A Slow Year, alongside a companion book of essays and other writing.

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