Pirates and Plaintiffs: All This and More in the New Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies DLC

Swashbuckling action, singing pirates, and a whale… with a mustache… on trial for murder?  Yup, somehow this is all possible in the new DLC for Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies, titled Turnabout Reclaimed.

The DLC is out today on the 3DS and Capcom has put out this bizarre and jolly trailer to ring in the occasion.  I don’t think even Phoenix Wright fans are prepared for how straight up bananas things look like they’re gonna get in this DLC.  If you picked up Dual Destinies and you want some more lawyer action on the go, just head to the in-game DLC store and pick it up starting today for $5.99– the DLC isn’t available in the eShop storefront.

If this is how out-there the first DLC is for this game, I can scarcely imagine what must be up next in store for Capcom and Mr. Wright.

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