Pier Solar HD releasing on PS3 & PS4, Xbox announcements on the way

I had originally written this article with a different spin, but thankfully it seems that now it’s all good news. Indie developers WaterMelon Co. had been having trouble contacting Microsoft about getting the Kickstarter funded Pier Solar HD published for XBLA. It appears now that they have finally touched base, and will be making more official announcements soon. The other good news is that Sony is also officially on board, so the game will be coming to PS3 and PS4.

pshd_ks1280set_1The release date details are a bit unclear, but it’s looking like they are on track to have the game released by March. It’s great to see indie games like this getting a full roster of platforms on which to release their games, and I hope this is a trend that continues throughout this generation. You can check out their most recent video update, with the game running on both PS3 and PS4 right here.


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