Persona 5 Confirmed! Proclaims You To Be Slave, Offers You Emancipation(?) [Update]

Well the final, shortest, most mysterious announcement has been made and it is the one we have all been waiting for. Persona 5 is confirmed to exist and is set to release Winter 2014 for the Playstation 3.

That’s right, the Playstation 3. Perhaps it began development earlier than the PS4 cycle but it will be appearing on the now previous gen console exclusively to Sony’s PS3.

The mysterious teaser opened with chairs that ended up totaling 5 (get it?) each shackled to a ball and chain. Then proceeds to tell us: “You are slave.” “Want emancipation?” It was actually pretty creepy teaser that sets the tone for a darker game come next winter.

So it finally happened. Expect more info to be updated once it stops being 3 in the morning. Good night everyone~

[Update: I’ve added the short teaser video that was released and the website: is now live. Additionally, Katsura Hashino, Shoji Meguro, and Shigenori Soejima will all be returning as director, composer, and artist for P5.]

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