Persona 4: Ultimate Ultra Suplex Hold Coming Summer 2014, New Character Teased

After all the reports from live arcade testings across Japan, we get a new story/gameplay trailer for Persona 4: Ultimate Ultra Suplex Hold. The exceedingly long title shows off new fighters Junpei and Yukari as well as completely new character named Sho Minazuki, whose story is still surrounded in mystery.

Along with new characters seems to be the inclusion to either play as or fight against the character’s shadow counterparts which I’m super excited for because they seem to show off their personalities during the fight. Finally this seems to be a direct continuation to where Persona 4: Ultimate (Arena in the west) left off so this is the continuation of the Persona 4 narrative basically.

Oh, and Adachi was teased at the end of the trailer. That made my morning.

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