Persona 4: Dancing All Night Announced for Vita, Is Best Thing Ever [Update]

So the second game announced tonight is Persona 4: Dancing All Night a game that crosses Persona 4 with something akin to Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F. A coincidence now that Sega (Project Diva F) owns Atlus now? Who can say for sure, but this rhythm game starring Persona 4’s idol Rise Kujikawa is the best thing ever. Seriously, I love this so much and I want it now.

As usual, we will update this story once we get more information available in English. Until then, just imagine Hatsune Miku replaced with Persona 4 characters as well as a new character whose name I couldn’t catch.

[Update: So a few things I didn’t catch last night is that this is a joint collaboration with Dingo, the studio behind the actual Project Diva games so at least we can be assured that this will be a quality dance/rhythm game. Additionally the new character’s name is Kanami and that’s about all I know about her so far. I’ve added the mesmerizing trailer below.]

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