Nintendo and Southwest Airlines Team Up to Bring Mario Joy to Travelers

Southwest Airlines and Nintendo are partnering to bring a little extra joy to travelers during this busy holiday season. Beginning Nov. 25, Nintendo’s Wii U Gaming Lounges will be positioned in six busy Southwest Airlines airports, including Dallas Love Field, Atlanta, Denver, Chicago (Midway), St. Louis and Tampa, through the December holiday season. Travelers will have the opportunity try out the hottest Nintendo games in HD, including the must-have Mario game for the holidays, Super Mario 3D World.

Mario himself will be at Dallas Love Field waiting to greet a Southwest Airlines flight full of lucky Customers with a very special surprise for the holidays.

I think this is a super cool promotion for Nintendo, and brings a great opportunity to those who travel on the holidays; personally, I can’t think of many better ways to kill delay and layover times than playing some Super Mario 3D World.

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