New Soul Calibur II HD Online Gameplay Video: Ivy vs. Nightmare

A gameplay trailer released today shows a set of matches between the classic Soul Calibur characters Ivy and Nightmare. No bells, no whistles, just pure SCIIHDO combat. Nightmare and Ivy are conrolled here by top French community members DTN & Mark Nikil.

Many of the comments complain of video quality, but the video description warns that the quality of this video has been scaled down for YouTube’s compression. Hopefully the compression is entirely at fault here because things aren’t looking as pretty as previous trailers we’ve been shown. Also, Nightmare’s armor is hella loud. Clank clank.

Soul Calibur II HD Online might be the game I’m most hyped for, even with next gen console releases right around the corner. The game releases on the 20th of November. Only 9 short days to wait.

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