Firaxis Games Release Scrambled Nations Pack For Civilization V

The immense fun of Civilization V is taking your favorite leaders from throughout history and conquering the world (let’s be honest: a military victory is the ONLY victory). Part of that fun is the creativity of the community and the mods that they create for the game. Firaxis paid attention to the request of Civilization V fans and now you can wage war across geographically accurate maps of Canada, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Scandinavia, Turkey, Russia, China, Australia, and Japan. While the landmasses will look like their real-world counterparts, the interior of the continent/island/peninsula/etc. will be randomized to give you a new battleground.

The Scramble Nations pack, and the previously released Scrambled Continents pack, can be bought for $4.99. Now get out there and show France why it was a mistake to betray your trust.

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