Quick, Get Divekick! 75% off on Steam, Today Only!

If you haven’t played Divekick yet, well, shame on you. It’s an elegantly simple fighting game with only two buttons: “dive” and “kick.” It’s also one of the funniest games I’ve played this year, and despite the controls has a crazy high skill ceiling. My friend converted a set of Donkey Kong bongos into a Divekick-exclusive controller, but that’s another story.

Available for the PS3, PS Vita, and PC, Divekick is usually $9.99 on Steam. But as part of a one-day promotion you can get Divekick for the stupidly low sum of $2.49! My apologies for getting this piece out so late, but by my clock (EST) you still have a little less than 5 hours to get in on the action. So I urge you, quick, get Divekick!

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