Daily Challenges Now Available for Spelunky on PS3 and Vita

Spelunky a day keeps the doctor away, right?  Well, at least it does when the cave is constantly respawning you every time you die.  For some time now, gamers of the PC version of indie-hit Spelunky have been enjoying a unique feature called Daily Challenges.  What this does is randomly generate one specific cave layout that all players will have one shot of playing each day, just to see how far they can get and stack it up against other fellow spelunkers.

This feature was conveniently missing from the recent PSN release of Spelunky, but yesterday, developer Mossmouth and porter Blit announced that the fan-favorite feature is now available on the PS3 and Vita with the most recent update.  So now you have an excuse to play Spelunky again if you put it down for a while– every single day!

Also included in the update were a few patches and bug fixes, such as one fix for some of the massive slowdown the game faced, one of the few major bugs with PSN release.

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