Borderlands 2 – Thanksgiving DLC Arriving Just In Time For Festivities

Have you been sitting around, hoping and wishing for a game to have its very own Thanksgiving special in the form of DLC? Wait no longer! 2K Games announced on their blog today that Borderlands 2 will be receiving a DLC pack called The Horrible Hunger of the Ravenous Wattle Gobbler (that is the greatest name they could have possibly ever chosen). This is the second installment of the Headhunter DLC and will be available on Steam, Xbox Live, and the PlayStation Network beginning November 26th (November 27th for Europe and Oceania) for USD $2.99 / GBP £2.39 / EUR 2,99 €.

The DLC will, of course, have a heavy Thanksgiving influence and will feature a competition to hunt down a giant turkey, aptly named the Wattle Gobbler. New character skins and heads will be available granted that you are able to take down the Wattle Gobbler, which will likely be easier if you bring a friend (though you are encouraged to try taking him on your own, if you’re into that sort of thing). The final installment of the Headhunter DLC, How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day is expected to release sometime in December.

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