Announcing Announcements! New PS4 Games to be Revealed Soon?

Tweets from Geoff Knightly, host of Gametrailers TV on Spike TV, hinted that we will be bestowed some PS4 related news the day before the console launches. In the tweet, he teased world premieres and announcements relating to the PS4, scheduled to reveal during Spike TV’s live programming on November 11th and 14th. A twitter user followed up, asking if the announcement would include new PS4 games, to which Knightly replied “Definitely“.

Following the removal of WatchDogs and Driveclub from the PS4 launch day lineup, things had been looking a little bleak for the console. News like this, and the announcement of Need for Speed: Rivals becoming a launch title, makes me feel a little less uneasy about my PS4 preorder.

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