2D Fighter Legend of Raven Hitting Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita

Nicalis Inc. has announced that their 2D fighter, Legend of Raven, which was previously a PS Vita exclusive, is now also releasing on Xbox One and PS4. No official release date has been announced yet, but they did mention that Sony users will benefit from both cross-buy (buy the PS4 or PS Vita version, get the other version free) and cross-play. The game will feature online battles using GGPO technology, which is supposed to ensure a near lagless online experience.

If this game sounds familiar, that’s because it was partially localized as Yatagarasu through Rice Digital.

003_LOR_VitaSounds fancy, but does it have blast processing? Legend of Raven is set to release sometime before the end of this year. Check out the new trailer below:



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