Wolfram Alpha adds new data on Pokémon, turns your iOS device into a Pokédex

Wolfram|Alpha, the powerful computational knowledge engine, has taken on a new venture away from calculus and organic chemistry, Pokémon.

“Pokémon are an ideal subject for a computable knowledge engine. They have a set of well-defined characteristics with lots of numbers to which we can apply our analytic capabilities,” writes Michael Feltes on the WolframAlpha Blog.

Wolfram|Alpha now stores an abundance of information on Pokémon from statistics, physical characteristics, properties, abilities, etc. After teaming up with Apple’s Siri back in 2010, Wolfram|Alpha has been accessible through supported iOS devices. Now, with the addition of Pokémon data, those with Siri can use their device as if it were a Pokémon digital encyclopedia, the Pokédex.

Siri Pokedex

If only Siri had a little personality like Dexter

Gotta compute them all!


Source: WolframAlpha Blog

Via: Pocket Gamer

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