UK Gets Cool Pokemon X Y Preorder Bonuses While US Gets Posters

If you’re reading this from across the Atlantic, I’m really jealous of you right now. If I were to walk to my nearest GameStop right now and slap down a preorder for the upcoming 3DS games Pokemon X and Y, I’d walk out with a pat on the back and a limited edition poster and maybe even a shiny Giratina. If you don’t have friends and choose to pick up both X and Y for yourself, you’ll even get a 36″x8″ Pokémon timeline poster. Big whoop. If I were to try the same thing at a GAME in the UK, I’d be handed a Pokeball shaped 3DS game case and a free download code for the Pokédex 3D Pro 3DS app. That is way cooler than a poster by a long shot.

Pokemon X and Y come out on Saturday. I doubt I’ll be able to get a passport before then, thanks to this government shutdown business. Thanks a lot, America.

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