Telltale Games Reveals 'The Wolf Among Us' Screenshots And Release Date

If you haven’t read anything about The Wolf Among Us yet, prepare to be totally confused. Talking frogs, cigarette-smoking pigs, reading monkeys – on surface value it looks like a noir Wind in the Willows. Any fans of Telltale’s rendition of The Walking Dead, however, should be glad to see the art style and overall grimness is making a return in their upcoming title, even if it does look a little hilarious at a glance. Based on Bill Willingham’s comic series Fables, a dark take on classic fairy tales, these are the very same Three Little Pigs and Mr Toad you heard about as a kid. They’ve seen better days.

The first part of Telltale’s new episodic series will drop on Friday, October 11th for Xbox 360 and PC, with a PS3 release date to be confirmed later. What’s odd is the pricing scheme for each platform, so let us take you through that:

Xbox 360 – Episode 1 will be $4.99. Episodes 2 – 5 can either be bought at $4.99 each, or with a $14.99 season pass. Not sure why the pass doesn’t cover Episode 1, that’s just how it is.

PS3 – Each episode can be bought for $4.99, or a season pass that DOES cover all five episodes for $19.99.

PC – Only purchasable via season pass, which is more expensive at $24.99 (but 10% off if you go right now!).

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