Sonic the Hedgehog Returns to TV Next Year with New CG Cartoon Series

Sonic the Hedgehog has certainly been one of the most oddly pervasive gaming icons over the past few decades.  Just as many people know him from his varied forays into television just as much as his actual games, and it looks like a whole new generation of children are going to get an opportunity to watch the animated exploits of the blue blur.

Yesterday, Sega announced that a new CG cartoon based on the adventures of Sonic and friends will be debuting on the Cartoon Network in Fall of 2014.  Not much was revealed aside from a tentative title for the show, Sonic Boom, and a teaser image showing off the silhouetted shadows of the characters as they may be appearing the show.  Cartoon Network is working closely with Genao Productions and Sonic Team to make sure the show has that distinct Sonic flair when it premiers next year.  A total of 52 episodes have been ordered and are currently in production.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really hoping that either “Way past cool!” or “Gotta go fast!” returns as a cheesy one liner for Sonic in this thing.  Or at least Jaleel White.  They’ve worked chili dogs into the games, so anything’s possible at this point.

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