SOMA Gets Debut Gameplay Trailer – I Think Therefore I Am

True to form, the recently announced SOMA from Frictional Games has just launched a creepy gameplay trailer that shows off some of the games themes and atmosphere.

The game looks to be a departure from their Gothic-Horror Amnesia and instead is a science-fiction horror that reminds me a lot of Ridley Scott’s movies (specifically Alien and Blade Runner) with some of the Matrix thrown in for good measure.

SOMA might be a reference to the end of the neuron in the brain which holds the cell’s nucleus, fitting considering the trailer we just watched. I’m particularly interested in their tagline “I think, therefore I am.” Will we delve deep into the philosophical nature of humanity? Is the cheesy B-Movie line delivery done on purpose (because I sorta like it)? Find out in 2015 when SOMA launches on the PS4 system.

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