Retro City Rampage Celebrates One Year Anniversary with Sale, Free Games, and More

This time last year, a new indie-game power player came out onto the scene with Retro City Rampage, a 2D GTA inspired homage to everything 80’s.  Seriously, not just games, but EVERYTHING from the 80’s.  The game was chocked full of references to movies, music, personalities, magazines, snack foods, and of course, classic video game oddities.

The game was a huge hit, and now, one year later, VBlank Entertainment is celebrating by offering the game for the rest of the day for only $3.65.  That’s less than the price of a burger and a shake!  Of course, if you already purchased the game last year, there’s a bonus in store for you too.  Anyone who pre-ordered the game through VBlank last year now has additional access to a download code for a copy of the game for PS3 and PS Vita.  So if you were one of the dedicated elite who backed this game from the start, you can check your download page for the new bonuses.

VBlank says that they will continue to celebrate the anniversary throughout the week with more surprises, including a slew of giveaways on their Twitter page.

If you haven’t played this hilarious game yet, now would definitely be a good time to jump on board and give a shot.  You get to slay the entire cast of Saved By the Bell in one mission, so it should be worth it for that and that alone.

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