Poor Sales History Keeping New Need For Speed Off Wii U and Vita

Upcoming Need for Speed: Rivals will not be making an appearance on either the Wii U or Playstation Vita and the blame is largely placed on the shoulders of its predecessor. In an interview with The Sixth Axis, creative director Craig Sullivan cited Need for Speed: Most Wanted‘s low sales numbers on the Wii U and Vita as the reason the new game will be sticking with PC, PS3, 360, PS4, and Xbox One.

Sullivan says that sales of the Wii U release of Most Wanted just didn’t live up to the amount of work the team put into bringing the game to Nintendo’s console. Rivals is already planned for release on five platforms and Sullivan wants the team to focus on “where we thing the biggest audience will be for the game”.

Tough luck, Wii U and Vita owners. But by now you’re probably getting used to it. Need for Speed: Rivals will be launching on every other current gen system on November 19th. Next gen editions hit later on November 22nd.

[Source: The Sixth Axis]

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