Pokemon Company Working on New 3DS Detective Game: Watson, You're Out–Pikachu, You're In

For those unaware, Pikachu has been quite the mysterious figure these past few weeks. He had been linked to a new 3DS game in the works. There was even a random video where Pikachu was taking part in board meetings and having his emotional expressions toggled with.

Today, it seems there is finally some insight on to what all this has been about. A Japanese show called The Professionals, alongside Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara, revealed that this upcoming Pikachu 3DS game will be a detective game, one in which everyone’s favorite yellow mouse will be your new partner.

This also makes some sense out of that scene in the above-linked video where we see an almost evil Pikachu. It has been stated that a rare Pikachu is supposed to be an enemy in the game. This changing of Pikachu’s appearance to an evil one has given rise to some concerns about how it may affect Pikachu’s popularity (remember the backlash that happened with Mickey Mouse a few years back?).

According to Serebii, the game is expected to have a development cycle of two years, with an eventual launch sometime in 2015. Information on this game is entirely new and entirely subject to change, so don’t assume anything is set in stone. Stay tuned.

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