Nintendo 3DS XL Charging Cradles Coming to Club Nintendo

Have you been waiting for the right thing to spend your hard earned Club Nintendo coins on? Well next week, Nintendo 3DS XL owners will be able to use them towards a colorful Charging Cradle. This accessory is only available for the 3DS XL and will run you 500 coins via your Club Nintendo membership.


Your normal power cable will stay plugged into the back of the cradle, so you can easily pop the 3DS in/out for charging and playing. It is only compatible with the XL version and will be available on October 31. Make sure to grab one quick, as quantities are limited.

I’m not sure what makes this is a necessary accessory to have, but I find myself wanting one just because they’re preeettyyyyy. Also because I have a whole bunch of coins sitting in my account.

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