New Mega Charizard Form Makes Your Childhood Dreams A Reality

In today’s showing of Pokemon Origins in Japan, the Pokemon fandom was blessed with a new Mega form of Charizard. This new form is an alternate to the form we were previously introduced to and is exclusive to Pokemon X. Probably the coolest part about him (besides his new design) is that he is no longer a Fire/Flying type. Instead, Mega Charizard X is the Fire/Dragon type we have been dreaming of since the olden days of the Game Boy Color!

Other than typing, some additional changes have been made. Rather than having the ability Blaze, Mega Charizard X boasts a new ability called Tough Claws, which strengthens the power of moves that make physical contact. Additionally, this new form has an increased base Attack stat.

You can ogle Mega Charizard on both Pokemon X and Pokemon Y on 3DS worldwide October 12th.

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