Kingdom Hearts III Director Teases Roxas, Twinfinite Responds

Somewhere out there, amidst the tears of Twinfinite writer Claudia Lorenzo, Kingdom Hearts III continues its trajectory towards existence.

A trailer for the game was shown off at Disney’s D23 Expo in Japan and game director Tetsuya Nomura was on hand to answer a few questions, one of which teases some characters.

When asked about Roxas he said:

“I’m looking forward to what happens.”

Now I know this isn’t much so I reached out to Claudia on her thoughts of what Roxas might mean for the game to which she told me:

“I just felt bad for him the entire time I was playing KH. I feel like he’s [Roxas] less of a [redacted] than Sora tho[ugh]”

We’ll have to wait for further developments on this news story.

[Siliconera: Roxas and Ventus Teased for Kingdom Hearts III]

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