Charlie Brooker To Present 2-Hour Video Game Documentary For Channel 4

A news giblet for us Brits here: writer of Nathan Barley and Black Mirror, and presenter of Screenwipe, Newswipe and (most importantly in this context) Gameswipe is set to release his newest project on Channel 4 come November: a full-length, two hour documentary named How Videogames Changed the World. The man’s got credentials in the field: be it his work for UK games retailer CEX, his writing for PC Zone, or his occasional column on the subject, Charlie knows his Marios from his Master Chiefs. It’s also been confirmed that it’s been written by VideoGamer.com’s hilarious video producer Matt Lees.

charlie brooker tweet

It’s unconfirmed when exactly in November the doc will air, so keep an eye on both your Twitter feed and your TV guide, British readers.

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